Continuing through the collection of “Trinity Chimes” stored away in the archives, some information about Church organization catches one’s attention.
Only communicant men 21 years or older were eligible to be voters.
Quarterly financial reports were attached to the “Trinity Chimes” and besides listing income and expenses, they would also list each giving envelope number (no names) and the amount given that Quarter.
The youth group was called the “Walther League,” named after the first synodical president, C. F. W. Walther. Originally, Walther League members were of college age. In July of 1937, a Junior Walther League was formed for eighth grade and high school aged youth. Hans Thomsen was the first chairman.
Other entries of interest:
10/11/1936 “To defray expenses at weddings, a nominal charge of $5 is to be made for the use of the church. . .this sum is to be used to pay for lighting, the services of the sexton and the organist. . .”
1/24/1937 “Owing to the continued cold weather—which compels a goodly number of our members to spend the night heating their orchards—it is deemed advisable to postpone the voter’s meeting. . .
A list of visitors from the prior Sunday appears often. Most were from the MidWest and many from Iowa. All the old guest books are still in the archives.
Of course, new members were listed, and one entry is of special interest:
2/7/1937 “New members received: Mr. & Mrs. Earl Winkelmann, Betty, Madeline, Joyce, and Ralph. . .” (Trinity has the distinction of having three sisters who married three brothers: Betty, Madeline, and Joyce married Tom, Hans, and Oge Thomsen whose family had been members since 1925.)
9/5/1937 “Miss Garnet is at the Murphy Memorial Hospital. . .” (Murphy Memorial Hospital was located in the Whittier Hills on property that was formerly part of Murphy Ranch. It opened in May of 1921, and closed July of 1961.)
Hopefully these entries are of interest and provide insight into the life and times of the congregation.
-Pauline Hiles, Winter 2011