Issues, Etc.

Issues, Etc. is a live radio talk show with a two-fold mission. First, to defend and teach the truths rediscovered at the Lutheran Reformation: Grace, Faith, Scripture and Christ alone. Second, to challenge today’s relativistic culture with its unbiblical and illogical ideologies. LCMS pastor Todd Wilken hosts Issues, Etc. Guests include LCMS pastors, seminary and university professors.


in the Vineyard

Boars in the Vineyard is a weekly theological and practical podcast hosted by Pastors Lewis Polzin and Timothy Winterstein. On June 15, 1520, a papal bull was issued against Martin Luther, calling him a boar in God’s vineyard, and warning him that excommunication from the Roman Catholic church was coming unless he recant the doctrines of grace and forgiveness. Luther set fire to that bull and began the Reformation in earnest. Humbly following in the footsteps of Luther, Pastors Polzin and Winter-stein trample false doctrines that have crept into the Church that will lead Jesus’ people into the maw of hell.

The God Whisperers
Hosted by Rev. Craig Donofrio and Rev. Bill Cwirla, The God Whisperers is an offbeat program that discusses the everyday life of Christians with humor and intelligence.
Higher Things
The SimulCast is a no-holds-barred, buckle-in, undiluted Gospel dispensing Higher Things Lutheran podcast hosted by Pastor Donavon Riley and Dr. Sandra Ostapowich. Really. We totally know what we're doing.
Pirate Christian Radio
Chris Rosebrough curates an array of Christian podcasts and also hosts a weekly program entitled "Fighting for the Faith" which helps people think biblically, think critically and compare what people are saying in the name of God to the Word of God.
Table Talk Radio
Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller, pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Aurora, CO,  and 
Pastor Evan Goeglein, pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Rogue River, OR, host a fun and informative podcast on Lutheran doctrine.
The Thinking Fellows
The Loci Communes were the first Protestant Systematic Theology ever produced. Created by the great Lutheran theologian, Philipp Melanchthon, the work was published in 1521. The Thinking Fellows use Melanchthon's Loci as the backbone and organization for their podcast. This book lays out Christian doctrine by discussing the "leading thoughts" from Paul's letter to the Romans, These thoughts - ranging from grace to predestination to everything in between - are intended to guide the reader to a better understanding of the Bible as a whole.
in the Wasteland
Welcome to Virtue in the Wasteland, a podcast+ about culture, religion, and ethics. Your hosts—Dr. Jeff Mallinson and Dr. Daniel van Voorhis—will discuss ways to cultivate civic courage and navigate our complex cultural landscape, in search of truth, goodness, and beauty.  
White Horse Inn
The theologians behind White Horse Inn believe that each generation must rediscover and apply the gospel to their own time. They long to see a second reformation take hold of our churches and return them to the God-honoring, Christ-centered, Spirit-wrought places of worship they should be. Their mission is to help Christians “know what they believe and why they believe it” through conversational theology.